Friday, April 13, 2007

A minor setback

So I finished physical therapy on March 29. I must say that after I went through the therapy ritual I was feeling pretty great. My back still had little minor twinges every now and then, usually brought on by prolonged sitting (especially in a car), but very minor. I was supposed to have one final appointment with my neurosurgeon to officially release me. However, he was sick and had to reschedule. Had I seen him on that original date I would have told him how great I was feeling and that would have been the end of it.

As it turns out, the appointment was rescheduled for a week from this coming Monday (I had two jury trials in two consecutive weeks, so I couldn't get in sooner). I can't tell you what brought it on. Maybe it was the prolonged sitting through two back to back jury trials. But about a week ago I started noticing a few slightly bigger twinges than before. Then on Wednesday, while in one of the trials, it got a bit worse. I actually took my muscle relaxer and pain medication Wednesday night at bedtime for the first time in over a month (they are "as needed" medicines). Then yesterday I got slammed big time. The best way to describe how my back currently feels is "agony".

Any prayers would be greatly appreciated. I'm still trying to keep up with Ministry business. I hope to have some more podcasts up on the site this weekend or sometime next week. But if you notice things slow down a bit around here, I apologize. I may not be as close to the end of my medical appointments as I'd hoped.

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