Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Right on schedule!

Some of you reading this may remember that my wife was pregnant and was due today, May 22, 2007, with our son (we already have an almost 5 year old daughter). Well, right on schedule, our new boy entered this world this morning at 10:27 am. He is 7 pounds and 20 3/4 inches. Thank you God.

I may be somewhat out of commission for a little while for obvious reasons, but I'll try to respond to any of your inquiries as soon as I can. God bless.


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DagoodS said...

Ten Minas Ministries,
Congratulations! 5 years apart is pretty helpful, you will find. I don’t envy you those first few months, getting that sleeping pattern down…

But you have done it before. It gets easier.