Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I regret to inform you that you will probably start to notice something of a hiatus in the postings on this blog in the near future. Last night I learned of a mission God has in store for this ministry involving rebuilding a house for an unfortunate lady and her son in Mississippi whose home was trashed by Hurricane Katrina and who have not received any assistance from the official relief agencies. I’m not sure how we are going to make this work, but then again Joshua and Caleb did not know how God was going to give them the promised land in spite of overwhelming odds against them, but they still had faith.

There are a lot of details to work out, and we are in the very initial phases right now. But for the time being this mission is going to have to be the primary focus of the ministry. Some of our other projects, like this blog, are going to have to give way in order to make the time for me to pursue this project and not neglect my obligations to my family.

I will still try to put up a few comments from time to time, probably of a devotional nature. I will also try to post some updates on the progress of the project. But the in-depth theological and philosophical debates will probably have to take a back seat for a while. Some of you may recall that I have also been working on a book on the “problem” of suffering (the working title as of today is “Suffering Servant, Suffering Man”), but this will unfortunately also have to be put on hold.

I hope to have a page up on the Ten Minas website soon with some photos of the existing home and details on the project. Right now we are looking for people who want to help out. I cannot do this alone and am looking for other churches, ministry leaders, contractors, etc., who might be interested in joining the “brain trust” for planning purposes. If this is something you may be interested in and would like more information (at no obligation), please e-mail us at contactus@tenminasministries.org and keep looking at the site for the details when they are posted.

Of course we will also need financial support. I will put out more information on this at a later date, but if you feel called to help, you can specifically designate a donation to go towards this project by writing “Mississippi home” in the memo section on your check. Any checks designated in this way will be used only for this project and none of our other ventures. This may be an important point for those of you out there (atheist or otherwise) who may not agree with our theological positions but still would like to help this unfortunate family. At this point, we are estimating that the total cost of this project will run in the vicinity of $50,000.00, but of course, that is subject to change.

I thank you all in advance for your understanding, compassion and prayers. More information is to come. God bless.


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