Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Katrina House

We have officially launched our Katrina House mission. For anyone interested, full details are available on the Ten Minas site. Click on the link to the right (which will take you to our home page), then click on the picture of the hurricane to get to the "Katrina House" page. In general, we are building a home for a lady whose home was severely and irreparably damaged by Hurricane Katrina, and we need to raise approximately $50,000.00 to make this happen. We would welcome any assistance you can give, either by way of donations or perhaps fundraisers. You or your church may be able to run a silent auction, car wash, or other fundraiser to help build a home for Jacqueline Spears in Gulfport, Mississippi. All donations to Ten Minas are tax deductible. Please see our site for complete details. Thank you and God bless.



Pretzel Bender said...

Nice work Ken. My sis and I are originally from Bogalusa, Louisiana and there are many people in that area who could use more help than they are getting.

Anonymous said...

Ken, I am impressed with the work you are doing but I am confused as to the basis of your belief. According to Ephesians 2: 8 & 9, man can only be saved by God's grace....not any works that the individual can accomplish. The meaning here is that one can only be "saved" by asking for forgiveness from sin and accepting Christ as savior. There are many church denominations that spin this idea around and make it into a "works" program. Where do you stand on this most important of issues?

Ten Minas Ministries said...

I would encourage you to read teh articles on the websote titles "What is a 'Messiah?'" and "How Can I Be Saved?" under the Argument for Christianity section. I agree that salvation is by grace alone through faith alone. Good works are the result of true faith, not the cause of our salvation. These articles may help explain my views in a bit more detail.