Thursday, November 01, 2007

Difficult questions from children

For starters, you have to understand that my nickname for my daughter is "goose." This started out as "silly goose" and just became abbreviated over time. The other day she and I were having an extensive conversation about whether I would still be allowed to call her "goose" when she is a grown up (by the way, she decided that I could call her "goose" once per day on every day except Fridays, on which I could do it 5 times). As many of you probably recall, I had a baby son in May. So I asked my daughter that if she was my goose, then who was my gander (actually, I was sick and quite tired at the time, so I was somewhat fuzzy-headed and said "gosling", an error that since has had to be corrected). My daughter correctly guessed that if she is the goose, her brother is the gander.

That's just the set up. So my daughter had the day off from school today, and she was home watching one of her favorite TV shows ("Wonder Pets", for those of you who are curious) with her mother. Apparently there was a dog in this show, and that precious little 5-year old of mine, still remembering our earlier conversation about a goose versus a gander asks my unsuspecting wife, "Mommy, what do you call a mommy dog?" Anyone who is a parent has probably been there before. Good luck coming up with a tactful answer to that one.


Liz said...

What's the significance of the name of your ministry? I am also an Elder in a Presbyterian Church in Maryland and am just curious.

Ten Minas Ministries said...

It comes from Luke 19:11-27. There is a page all about it on the website at Please feel free to check it out. God bless.