Tuesday, March 31, 2009

6 more down, 30 to go

6 more presbyteries have voted with no particular surprises. All six voted in favor of amending the Constitution and removing the fidelity and chastity requirement. The presbyteries were:

Genessee Valley
New York City
Susquehanna Valley
Western New York

Of the six, three voted for removing fidelity and chastity in 2001. The other three switched their votes from 2001, but all three were among the list of presbyteries whose 2001 votes were close enough that they reasonably could have been expected to switch. Opponents of fidelity and chastity would need all of the close votes from 2001 to change their minds this time around, plus they would need at least one more presbytery that nobody really sees going their way to come over to their side as well. The total vote is now 81 against the amendment and 62 in favor of it. 87 presbyteries are needed to prevail.

The remaining presbyteries (along with their 2001 votes and whether they are amongst the presbyteries who foreseeably could switch (S)) are as follows:

1 Alaska-No (S)
2 Atlantic Korean-No
3 Boise-No (S)
4 Dakota-No
5 de Cristo-Yes
6 Detroit-No (S)
7 East Iowa-Yes
8 Kiskiminetas-No (S)
9 Lehigh-No (S)
10 Long Island-Yes
11 Middle Tenn.-No (S)
12 MW Hanmi-No
13 Minnesota Valleys-No (S)
14 Missouri River Valley-No (S)
15 National Capital-Yes
16 Noroeste-No
17 Northern New York-Yes
18 North. Plains-No (S)
19 Northern Waters-Yes
20 Pacific-No (S)
21 Salem-No (S)
22 San Francisco-Yes
23 San Jose-Yes
24 Savannah-No
25 Sierra Blanca-Yes
26 South Louisiana-No (S)
27 Southern New England-Yes
28 Suroeste-No
29 Utah-No (S)
30 Wabash Valley-No (S)

God bless.

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