Friday, February 05, 2010

Special Prayer Request

Tom B. is my daughter's drama teacher. At her class this past weekend he asked me to get the word out and get as many people praying for him as possible. Last fall he had to have surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff. Apparently it has now re-torn. But in the process of some testing he was having for the re-tear, his doctors actually discovered that he has tumors on his lungs. He would greatly appreciate it if we could get as many people praying for him as possible, so I ask anyone reading this to please pray for Tom regularly. Put his name on your prayer lists at church and ask your friends to pray as well. E-mail, phone, do whatever you have to do. Just please get as many of God's children as possible praying for Tom.

Thank you all. And please check out the "Prayer Network" page on the Ten Minas website for more people who have asked for your prayers. God bless.



I enjoyed looking over your blog
God bless you

Ten Minas Ministries said...

Thank you sir. If you liked the blog, you may also enjoy our main website which has quite a few free resources as well. Feel free to stop by:

God bless.