Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Little Stockey and the Miracle of Christmas

I just read a fantastic children's book about Christmas that I wanted to strongly recommend to any of my Christian readers out there.  The name of the book is "Little Stockey and the Miracle of Christmas" by Gale Nemec.

Little Stockey is the smallest in his owner's collection of Christmas stockings.  11 months out of the year he waits patiently (or not so patiently) in a box in the attic, just itching to get out and celebrate the Christmas season.  He has become accustomed to his low spot on the bannister, with the higher spots reserved for the larger stockings.  But for some reason this year his owner leaves all the other stockings in the box, hanging only little Stockey and giving him the place of greatest honor on the very top of the bannister!

At first Little Stockey is thrilled by his new position, but over time he becomes lonely.  He cannot understand why his owner, spending Christmas alone, is not also lonely.  But she says that she is never alone, especially at Christmas.  It takes a special visitor to accompany Little Stockey on an exciting journey for him to come to realize what Christmas is really all about and why, thanks to the gift we were given on Christmas Day, we are never alone.

The book is not yet available in stores, but you can purchase it for only $10.00 (plus shipping and tax) at the following website.

Ten Minas Ministries is not affiliated with Gale Nemec.  This is just an effort to spread the word about a good resource for our children.  God bless.

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