Thursday, November 30, 2006

A new addition

Just thought I'd put out an announcement that the body of Christ is scheduled to increase by one on or about May 22, 2007. My wife is expecting our second child. The story of how it happened is truly a testament to God.

My wife and I were not supposed to be able to have another child without the help of medical science. This summer, our four year old daughter came to us and said she wanted a baby brother or sister. "Knowing" that this couldn't happen, we tried to let her down easy and explained that the only way it could ever happen is if God wanted it to, and she'd have to talk to God.

A short time later, she told us that Mommy was going to have a baby. We explained again that she would have to talk to God about that, to which she replied that she had spoken to God, and He whispered in her ear that it was okay. You can imagine our surprise a few weeks later when we learned that my wife was pregnant.

Never doubt the power of God. Sometimes the faith of a child gives us an example to strive for in our own lives. God bless.

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